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Leaving the Pony.

MrTerrorKiller on 18. Jan, 2019 — Lang: English

Leaving the Pony.
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    Captain, remember the problems I mentioned about physics?

    Oh yes, when we umm came back to our uinverse?

    Well it's not just happening again.

    It is comming our way! We have to leave!

    Ok get the crew together, we will take the Tardis back to our ship.

    What about Willow?

    He is a Tool of the Auditors J5 ...

    Yes, and so was his Mum, yet she somehow broke free!

    I know J5 I was there!

    And then she spent most of her power making the Universe forget what she had done

    The Auditors used all that empty space...

    To make a fake history where Willows Mum was responsible for his wife's death!

    H2's re-boot went back before the memory wipe.

    Willow didn't have a wife.

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