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SGGU - Win-Win Situation

DepresiveNeko on 17. Jan, 2019 — Lang: Slovenčina

SGGU - Win-Win Situation
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    I think, if you want some epic scene, sorry, but our budget is too low :P

    This strip is a reply to SGGU - Observer Origin, SG Game 2k18: Nothing is Forever



    Is Observer in nature is something like Corupted, then she have abillity to possesed anyone?

    Oh, no, that will be teribble.

    No, she possesed only persons with "Black Cat" trait and this is rare. But Nekoniad with black fur have higgher chance to born wtih this trait.

    It sound little ra..
    what was that sound?





    Step back, Neko!

    And winner is...

    *Whew* That two look o.k. for me.

    Shees, to fast, even paint dont have a time to dry.

    Paint? What you painting?

    Parking lot, but now we will be stuck with Mole plan.

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