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Know What Not To Know

Pen_alias on 16. Jan, 2019 — Lang: English

Know What Not To Know
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    Well, since I’ve admitted that these comic strips of mine are nothing of importance, I guess your having read it may well create the very effect described therein. To balance things out, I now present this small piece of useful information:

    The symbol for boron is B.

    Don’t forget now.



    Did you know that Cher popularized that mechanical reverb effect you hear so often in music? That alone should be enough to justify shooting her for treason.

    What’s the matter with you, throwing around worthless little factoids like that? Don’t you know that every piece of useless information you retain pushes out some important intellectual gem?

    They do?

    For instance: knowing which pop singer has been seen wearing a dress made of something that dresses aren’t supposed to be made of is tantamount to forgetting the entire periodic table of elements.

    But I do know that! No wonder I can’t remember the symbol for boron!

    You’ve got to cease all accumulation of knowledge that could only be useful if you went on a primetime quiz show before you’re reduced to a babbling mass of incoherent dribble.

    But how? This stuff is everywhere! Every time I turn something on there it is!

    Then there’s nothing else for it; you’ll have to abandon society and burrow to the center of the earth.

    But what about all the prehistoric beasts living down there?

    They’ve all been displaced by chickens. Now, down you go.

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