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SGGU - Observer Origin

DepresiveNeko on 16. Jan, 2019 — Lang: Slovenčina

SGGU - Observer Origin
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    i know, i know, but now my mind is lighter, because i want to create beffore and this strip for so long and i finali make it!
    Im proud of inself!
    If i dont upload it, i kill myself.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Fight fire with Fire



    I dont know, maybe because i said that i know, how to reopen that old stinky portal?

    why you dont go with others?

    so you are angry.

    No, as neko this is first time that i fell, how was to be ignoret.

    But for now, lets call my stand here a plan b, because i know, this waiting for you will not be pleasand.

    We dont know, how much time we have beffore you will kill you precious friend and that guy.

    When first "divine" created world, there was a darkness, so he create only one sun for light and heat.

    But then he realised, that heaven above world is full of cold stars, that stare at him. He feell this. And dont like it.

    "Divine" look at that stars, older that his work, look near and near and find, that is not star...

    ... but eyes... lots of little eyes looking at him, observe him, so he named this creature "Observer".

    "Divine" hate them, so he blind them, kill them and this corpse burning with holy fire become stars, death stars with empty sight.

    One day, when was world full of life, star affter star start vanishing, night was darker and darker...

    ... and one day even sun was lost in empty darknes, world suffered, long devastating frost become a grave for many.

    Then "divine" reveal last light source, SG core to see, what is reason of lost stars and sun.

    Last Observer, who devour corpse of others and sun, with long teeth and still hungry.

    Before "divine" make any move, Observer eat him with SG core.

    But it was Observer last meal, SG core was too strong for him. Strong ligh emerged from his body...

    ... he turn into ash and "Divine" was free, un-summon SG core and restore equilibrium.

    We meet Observer, you were posseded by her.

    Is fact, that history was written by winner, so this is oficial story.

    Truth is, Observer dont like a taste of SG core, so he spit it out and with full stomach go to sleep.

    Observer dont know about blogs, dimensions, world, stories... other gods, in that time was simple being.

    So others "divine" torn body and mind of Observer apart, while the Observer sleep.

    All of gods thing, that mind of Observer will disolve in darknes, but even god make a mistake.

    She observe and learn, experience, became a nightmare, with only one wish. To become one whole being again.

    She sound like corrupted.

    And we see, what corrupted make with sane person.

    Path to her body was show only in mind of insane hero, that is why i dont want to be a hero, im afraid of that, im scaredy cat and i know it.

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