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SG Game Unlimited: the final task

NeoChomik on 11. Jan, 2019 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: the final task
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    The man with glowy eye is NOT a Hunter. That's how Zero imagined him as, because to him that was the closest thing that came to mind as all-powerful being.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: the lament of a weapon



    Supreme Agent Omega?

    Majority of Hunters Agents reply to HQ, consisting of 4 Head Agents (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta), but in rare situations, Where HQ can't agree on strategy, The Supreme Agent Omega is called to decide the best course of action.

    So that's how he percieves us... The way mortals cope with unknown is incredible

    We have very little time for pleasantries, Agent Zero, so I require your full attention.

    A dangerous man, calling himself the Void Emperor has obtained a weapon of mass destruction and has to be stopped. He has been given threat level of S-rank

    Hunters targets are ranked based on how much of a threat they are to the world.

    For example. A common Civilian is a F-rank threat.

    Neo during SG Games was a B-rank threat - A threat to the nation.

    S-rank is given to people who posses a threat to a whole world.

    He must be stopped, by any means necessary. We have called you here, because the previous agent, tasked with taking him down has failed and died during the mission

    If he is such a threat, why won't you, or any of the Head Agents go after him?

    We must remain here. What Void Emperor is after, is located here and it is our duty to protect it. And you are well aware, that with what happens on Earth, the Head Agents have their hands full

    We wouldn't ask you to take this mission, if we had other options available. What we ask of you is a dangerous task.

    Shall you accept this task, you will be given means and knowledge required to take the Void Emperor down

    You must ask yourself, do you have what it takes as a Hunter to do what has to be done for sake of others?

    I always followed HQ's orders. And you always ask me this question... I accept this mission.

    Very well, Agent Zero.

    Become, the protector of the Existence. Become the Enforcer...

    Gaze into Infinity

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