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SGGU - Observer down

DepresiveNeko on 28. Dec, 2018 — Lang: Slovenčina

SGGU - Observer down
  • This strip is a reply to SG Games Unlimited Zeek's second chance



    my head..

    Welcome back, sleepy girl, is time for work!

    oh.. you beat emperor?

    No... he jump over portal and now we need you plan!

    Im afraid, that i have only a bad mesage for you...

    Observer is gone with her plan, with her power, with everything she know.

    Ha! So you are now uselles for us! Stupid!

    Yes, im only a simple taxi driver, nothing more...

    I dont have fancy weapon, fantastic armor or magic. I dont know, how to fight, how to create a miracle. I am realy uselles and i know that!

    *Neko use skill - Improvized weapon.
    * Neko throw "Emperor Helmet"
    + Accuracy - Master
    + Acrobatic - Master
    + Athletic - Master
    + Improvized weapon - Master
    + Throwing weapon - Expert
    + Black Cat Luck Trait
    + Hot Head Trait...

    Chachacha! You miss, lady!

    Why are you so sellfish? You never think about others! You are the worst!


    So emperor fleed beffore anyone of you have a chance to chase him?

    No.. some winged womman entered portal beffore his clossing.

    Winged... Angel?


    There is a way to reopen that portal, but first we must give down that crazy tentaclian...

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  • MrTerrorKiller 3.1.2019
    That things been bouncing around anyway =)
  • NeoChomik 30.12.2018
    Improvised weapon is the best weapon
  • craigdragon 29.12.2018
    I definitely didn't expect this!
  • abrotons 29.12.2018
  • DepresiveNeko 29.12.2018
    i know, Julian, but still i somehow forgot about this :P

    and thanks :)
  • julian724 29.12.2018
    can you make sure to make this a strip reply to an existing strip in the game so we can make this a coherent story? also I like your art! :)

    edited by owner

  • richard_burkhart 29.12.2018
    Nice! Good to have another strip. Sorry I'm down for at least another week. Busy with moving and setting up property and with 4 kids. No time for strips yet

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