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DepresiveNeko on 26. Dec, 2018 — Lang: No text

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    ?: Good night, you are a "Rude man"?
    R: No, im Rudevald.
    ?: Correction.... Rudevald, this gift is for you, one sign here, please.
    R: ... good...
    ?: Thank for you cooperation, have a nice holiday.
    R: Tss.. nice, let look what is this.

    *ripping and crumbling sound*

    R: This is realy old mobil phone.


    R: Hm? Look who is call.
    N: Happy Christmas, old pal!
    R: Neo? That fantastic! Now tell me you plan for escaping!
    N: Not now, i dont want involve that only nice person in this dirty place.
    R: Okey, then what you want?
    N: Nothing big, you will drink and i will talk.
    R: Thats a good plan, friend.

    ... or something like that, the end of advent calendar was finished with this little bonus.
    And this year advent story too.
    Good Night.

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