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    N: Why im only one in pajama?
    G: Its you fault, that you dont have any nice night gown.
    M: Geeez... why you are so good in this?
    N: I have a years of practice.
    M: I think, retro game is not you cup of tea.
    N: You thinking is wrong!
    G: When will be my turn?
    N: Affter May lose!
    G: That will dont take too long, as i see.
    M: Grrr... i never give up!
    N: But still lose!
    G: Heh, you two..
    M: This is not posible! Tch.. you turn, George.
    G: Okay, not tell my how to play this thing.
    M: You never play beffore?
    G: I dont have a time for play.
    N: Now, you have all night! Lets drink and play!

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