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    B: Is something wrong, when you ordered only wine?
    N: No, my darling, but i promised that this night will be nice little lady, so i order only lady-like drink.
    B: Thats a nice gift for you lively friend.
    N: Da, and when you remind me of gift. Akuma! Tenshi!
    M+G: Yes, Saint Nicholas!
    N: Will be this lad nice or naughty?
    G: You dont have you register of sins?
    M: When i look on you bar bills, im sure this lad was realy bad and naughty person!
    B: What? Im only work...
    M: But..!
    N: Stop! Or i find a new bar and new diablo! Now time to return on the schedule.
    G: We have here one big box with her name, o, mighty Saint!
    N: Da, thats right! This year you are a special one, darling!
    B: Me?
    N: My power see a deep sad in your eyes, even you smile dont hide it before me, so i bring you, what you want with you whole heart!
    B: But i dont want anything!
    N: You want to lie eye to eye me, Saint Nicholas?
    B: No...
    N: So, this gift is only for you!
    B: ... thanks.
    M+G: Open it! Now!

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