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DepresiveNeko on 23. Dec, 2018 — Lang: Slovenčina

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    N: I never be in that booring pajama party...
    M: ...because is tomorrow...
    N: Nyet, tomorrow is time of big reveal in Prancing ponny! Is Christmass party!
    M: You dont tell me, Nat!
    G: Dont worry, we still have some free day.
    N: Yes and i have a lots of time for drinking this night. And tomorow night.
    M: Nat...
    G: I never think, i will see May exhaused.
    N: What was that ruckus i hear?
    G: Someone pinned mistletoe on Zero Santa suit.
    N: Brave one.
    G: Yes, if i found that rat, i will kill her.
    N: Dont look at me, i was sleeping.
    G: Like May now?
    M: Zzzz...zzzz...zzzz
    N: Perfect! Is time to department.
    G: I have a little pre-gift for you on the shelf.
    N: Oh! Tetris! You are malicious.
    G: I know, is a perfect trap!
    N: What? *tap-tap* Oh, yeah.

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