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    G: So now a little Santa helper costume?
    M: Yes, but why you dont have elf ears?
    G: Because i am human.
    Z: Where is Nataly?
    M: Sleep, is exhaused..
    Z: ... with cell decoration!
    M: And laboratory, coridors, storage, weaponry, morgue...
    G: Even morgue?
    M: Yes, want to see that paper pill? Its was a lot of byrocratic work, that i ...
    G: Good, let begins this gifting.
    Z: On parking lot.
    G: Yes, sir. Is easier to make gift delivery in open place with lots of escape route.
    Z: Why is there only women co-worker?
    M: Ehm.. Zero, on Valentine day, you kiss someone?
    Z: No, i dont have time for personal affair.
    G: So... you never kiss a woman, thats mean only one thing...
    M: Stampede!!!! RUN GEORGE!
    G: Dont forget Zero, HQ will be realy angry, if you make any causalities! Good luck!
    Z: What you mean?

    *sound of avalanche droping right on Zero*

    M: Geez, this womens, what want to steal a first kiss. And this is a reason, why I dont have any mistletoe in my decoration plan.

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