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SG Games Unlimited Zeek's second chance

richard_burkhart on 20. Dec, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Games Unlimited Zeek's second chance
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    This will be my last strip for at least 2 weeks. Merry Christmas everyone.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Emperor's new face



    Accept this parting gift as a token of my respect.

    The Viod Emperor has the artifact and all seems lost but...

    Thank you. It seems you TOO can make mistakes.

    How thoughtful of you to gather them all together in one place for me.

    Kraka- THOOM!

    Nothing matters as long as he holds the artifact.

    You said you could distract him. I hope for all of our sakes that is true. It is our only hope.

    This potion should revive you cat lady.

    Hmmm...That WAS unfortunate. As I said, you did much better than I imagined you could, but it won't matter in the end.

    I couldn't destroy these creatures before. There were too many innocents around them.

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