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DepresiveNeko on 19. Dec, 2018 — Lang: No text

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    M: Yay! Its done, thanks for help!
    N: Silence! Thats was to much, i want to die.
    M: Say woman, who fight with bear in mountain.
    N: For vodka everything!
    M: Silly one... you are sometime like my sister.
    N: Sister.. is to hard for you in this time? Family time?
    M: No, because its better for her and for me, even if i never see her again. She is free, thats all i wish for her.
    N: ... free... where is my..
    M: Stop you horse! I prepared some eggnog with marshmallow.
    N: Weak.
    M: But sweet! I have one selfish wish for this holyday.
    N: No blackout?
    M: Yes.
    N: Its still posible.
    M: Thanks.

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