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DepresiveNeko on 18. Dec, 2018 — Lang: No text

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    Z: This is good place, now we must wait, we have confirmet time-plane of our target.
    G: Snow.
    Z: Thats not problem.
    G: I know, sir.
    Z: I wonder, why have your team code-name "Angels"?
    G: HQ organized big acction in mountain and someone leaked information about us. We must go back, leader send one green-horn to back our enemies, she was lost. We regrouped, eliminate enemies and go back in base. Then i found one of our pc-technic miss. I take riffle, some food and go to find her.
    Z: May and Nataly?
    G: It so clear? I skip to that part, where i found army of snow-man.
    Z: That two building a snow-man army?
    G: No, sir. Only Nat, because May was unable to move. But still have a lost of energy to laught all back to base, when i give her a back-ridding. She tell us, thats never know, he was so nice and adorable guardian angels.

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