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    N: You want to decorate all area?
    M: Yes! I have a lots of paper work for acces to secure area done, so i have free hand with decorating 100% of our HQ!
    N: Interesing.
    M: And what is you plan for x-mass night?
    N: Same as last years.
    M: NO! No more blackout and throwing empty bottles on wall! Why you want to be alone?
    N: Alone? You still be hanging with me.
    M: Im afraid, that one day you will hurt yourself, why not something different? Pajama party?
    N: Hm... you have some plans?
    M: 3-D films, popcorn, maybe some nice club dancing?
    N: Nyet.
    M: Wait! I know, what about some retro gaming and watching old black and white films with nostalgic music? No one step outiside?
    N: Good, i will think about it. And George?
    M: Dont worry, i persuade her! Yay! This will be magical!
    N: Stop dancing or you fall.

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