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DepresiveNeko on 13. Dec, 2018 — Lang: No text

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    M: I dont want to say that, but you must put back your marble mask!
    G: Explain.
    M: Wow, that was fast.
    G: Dont stop and inform me about problem.
    M: We need eliminate Zero!
    G: And there is only one way.
    M: Yes, you must take im on some mision far away from HQ.
    G: Understand. But there is some work for you too.
    M: Okey.
    G: First, be ready for emergency.
    M: Okey.
    G: And find all trace of Nat working trouhgt day, inspect them and fix or camuflage any thing, that will be dangerous for us.
    M: Yes, sir! Or madam? Lady?
    G: Heh, madam you dummy.
    M: Yes, madam! :P

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