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Newton's Laws of Motion

anonymous on 6. Dec, 2018 — Lang: English

Newton's Laws of Motion
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    Deals with Newton's first, second, and third laws of motion.



    You have to do your homework about Newton's laws of motion.

    If I had to do it when I was your age you have to do it right now.

    An object on a table, resting, will stay on the table until someone knocks it off or a force acts on it.

    And an object that's moving will say moving until air resitance, gravity of some other force acts on it.

    A book resting on someones bed pushes the bed down but equally in the opposite direction is pushed by the bed upward.

    A gurney in a hospital is pushed with more force so it moves faster.

    The objects mass is multipled by the acceleration of the object to get the force applied to it.

    See, its simple. The only thing you need to do is study which of Newton's laws of motion is which.

    I still don't understand any of it.

    I don't know any of it.


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