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anonymous on 6. Dec, 2018 — Lang: English

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    this all about him(maybe)



    my name is zach and i am the hero of the world.i have defeded 45627 bad guys

    thats me

    its not easy or not hard to be a super hero.theres a LOT of training to do but when you are very strong and found your super power?your ready

    this is doctor mad and the robat 3rd stongest bad guy i found

    but it was still easy

    this is master blaster and his robot

    im not a villain!im a dog!your dog!my name is flufy not the master blaster!i dont slice swords at people or shoot guns!i dont have any arms(well i qinda do)but that dosent really count!i dont know what robing the bank is!i dont try to kill people!thats just a @#$%^@^#*&#&^*for a dog!i never saw a villain before exepte for maybe you!i am color blind and the master blaster has x-ray vision!YOU SO STUPID!!!and i dont have a robot!so SHUT UP!


    this is master blaster and his robot.they where a littel bit easy but also hard...

    i just think he likes fire to much because he never uses any othe powers.

    this is my other dog who decided to destroy the world...his name is fluffy 2

    and this is my sidekick master G

    once again zach hase gotan dumer!im not your sidekick!my name is flufy not master G!i dont know any super powers!i cant kill!i dont really know what the heck the point of is for beign a super hero!to be nerdy?!?

    oh and btw this is master G

    this is da best book(so far), its da best trust me
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