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Dr. Huh? The beginning

richard_burkhart on 30. Nov, 2018 — Lang: English

Dr. Huh?  The beginning
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    May as well have some fun with this idea.

    This strip is a reply to Dr. Huh?



    If you're going to call yourself "The Doctor" you need three things

    What are those?

    A rediculously long scarf.

    Made it out of spider silk.

    A sconic screwdriver

    I only "borrowed" it.

    And a working Tardis.

    Yeah, just let me turn this baby on then. I couldn't do it inside the other Tardis. Inerdimensional whatsit inside another interdimensional whatsit and all that.


    Heheh, Just call me Dr. Huh? Fancy a Jelly Baby?

    Dr. Who, Kenny, Penny
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