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Dr. Huh?

richard_burkhart on 29. Nov, 2018 — Lang: English

Dr. Huh?
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    Not sure where this ois going. Just playing around.

    This strip is a reply to Dr. Huh?



    Isn't that the Doctor's sonic whatchamathingy?

    Yes Penny. I gave the doctor a replica I bought of Amazon.

    It won't fool him for long, but I needed the real one to finish my Tardis.

    Annnd the first thing you do with your time/space machine is make beer.

    Priorities, Penny, Priorities.

    Why does this NOT surprise me?

    Hmmm. needs more adjustments. Tastes like cardboard.

    Penny, Pen_Alias, Dr. Who, Tardis, Pintrest make cardboard Tardis
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