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Dr Who

MrTerrorKiller on 22. Nov, 2018 — Lang: English

Dr Who
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    Prancing Pony right mate?

    Just drive spider...

    Right the , here ya go.

    The Prancing pony!

    Right then off you go Kenny, have fun at the Pony!

    Ok mate! see ya....

    Wait a sec mate, I aint stupid!

    Iv'e got a screwdriver! And I'm not afraid ta use it!

    Ahh my sonic screwdriver! I was wondering where that went!

    Hold on here...your screwdriver?

    But you don't look anything like...

    Most people who have a time machine dropped on thier head...

    end up looking different...

    you for instance would be flat

    Leave the hat ,scarf, and my screwdriver!

    and the Jelly Babbies!

    That's just cruel!

    Tardis retrived!
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