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After hours inside the Tardis

richard_burkhart on 20. Nov, 2018 — Lang: English

After hours inside the Tardis
  • Description

    Wanted to call it "After hours inside the Tardis at the Prancing Pony" but not enough characters.

    This strip is a reply to After hours at the Prancing Pony



    Hey Kenny, Whatcha doing in there?

    Come on in Penny. I think I've found a new use for this sonic screwdriver thingy.

    What did you do? Turn the tardis into a transporter platform?


    Quiet! I'm concentrating here!

    You made a beer? Can't you just step outside into the pub for one of those?

    Yeah, OR I can drink for free in here!

    Hmmm, it needs some more adjustments. It tastes like Mountain Dew.

    Dr. Who
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