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Comic Strip Holiday

dogtrax on 13. Nov, 2018 — Lang: English

Comic Strip Holiday
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    Is it true that Sadie Hawkins Day is a celebration inspired by a comic strip?

    Yep. Li’l Abner. The girls caught their husbands in some race.

    That's so weird.

    What, that Sadie Hawkins dances became a "thing" at high schools?

    No, that enough people were still reading the daily comics in newspapers to be inspired to do something outside of the panels. That's ... like AR or something.

    Yeah. Now people read video games. I wonder what holiday would get spawned from Fortnite?

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  • cirkuz 16.11.2018
    international i dont have a life day?...
  • Pen_alias 13.11.2018
    March 10th is Mario Day.

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