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MrTerrorKiller on 6. Nov, 2018 — Lang: English

More Manoli
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    Mr Martin, you don't realize this

    I don't understand! all I was trying to do was make a comic strip!

    in Spanish...

    We are a comic strip!

    Your meddling put our whole universe in peril!

    As far as I know: at least lately..I am the only comic that has reached your world

    But you have shown up at the wrong time, I have to get you somewhere safe!

    Many people here will happily blame you for our world breaking down

    I will try to get you somewhere safe, but nowhere is really safe now!

    We are a little buisy right now, but I will leave you with some of my friends.

    Why am I scared?

    A little buisy here Zeek! drop him off with Bulk, he should be safe there!

    Bulk not understand, who is puny Manoli?

    Dont worry Big guy, I got this!

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