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SG Games Unlimited - Thunder Strikes Twice!

richard_burkhart on 1. Nov, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Games Unlimited - Thunder Strikes Twice!
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    I wanted to do more for the battle, but battle scenes are hard. It's certainly not over yet though.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Thunderstruck!



    Zeek flys towards whre Jake told him the enemy of the multiverse waits. He refuses to be indecisive in the face of his own mistakes. Too much is at stake!

    This is humiliating.

    Can you fly?


    Then shut up.

    In the plain below Zeek sees two figures in a fierce battle.

    Irresistible force...

    Meets irresistible force!

    Wth predictable results...

    Utter devistation.

    For a moment nothing moves.

    Then Zeek and Jake see a figure rising from the dust.


    Impressive. I actually felt that.

    I see you have returned the amulet, and fully charged too! How thoughtful.

    Hey Villain! Feel THIS!

    Ah, the other hero. Do your worst; It won't matter I am a G..



    Hey Zeek, did he say he was a GOOF?

    Shut up Jake. You're not funny.

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