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SG Games Unlimited - Zeek's mistake

richard_burkhart on 24. Oct, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Games Unlimited - Zeek's mistake
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    Just trying to bring peeps together...and they aren't cooperating!

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: A promise yet to be kept, SG Game Unlimited - Zeek makes a plan, SG Games Unlimited - The return of Jake



    You're saying your friend is responsible for this lighning storm?

    This does look like Zeek's work. Probably trying to kill all the corrupted in the city.

    Is very irresponsible, someone could be killed.

    Holy Crap! This is stupid!

    Lightning bolt tickle Bulk.

    Easy big fella.


    The lightning storm seems to have stopped.

    Thank goodness for small favors. You got any more stupid friends we need to know about, Randal?

    Bulk smell smoke.

    Nyet. He is dangerous and could get us killed. That is not help.

    Zeek isn't stupid. He is powerful and he can help us!

    Fine! Well that stupid, dangerous person told me to help you, so what is our next step?

    I have to fix this! I can't let people die because of my mistake!


    Zeek is dangerously distracted.

    Chunk! Chunk! Chunk!



    At the last second Zeek is saved from the corrupted.


    And when Zeek turns around, he sees...

    WHo did you expect, looser? Things have changed. We need to work together. You're welcome by the way.

    What makes you think I would ever trust you, Jake?

    What indeed?

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