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SG Games Unlimited - The return of Jake

richard_burkhart on 22. Oct, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Games Unlimited - The return of Jake
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    Sorry Neko, I really do have plans for Jake. This just fits in with Zeeks plan not working out as well as he would have liked.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited - Zeek makes a plan, SG Game - Home Express



    Whoa! Where am I? ARen't you my math teacher, Mrs Baltzel.

    I am Mrs. Baltzel Jake, but I am also the Oracle and I am very disappointed in you. You were granted great power just when Our universe needed heros and you used it for selfish gain.

    But Zeek...

    Shut up. I'm not done. The power you know as the cat lady tried to send you back to our world, but we are not yet done with you.

    But my powers...

    Your powers were never granted by the staff, Jake, so you only lost them because you gave them up.

    Who? What are you?

    I told you, I am the Oricle, I have a limited version of forsight similar to an enforcer and I know without your return, Zeek will fail and our universe will be lost.

    You have one last chance to redeem yourself and become the hero you always wanted to be.

    Much depends on YOU, Jake.

    I have power again! Try pushing me around NOW cat lady!

    Zeek's plan to take out all the corrupted with his lightning seems to work. Any of the wicked beasts struck ar instantly vaporized.

    Unfortunately his control over the lightning bolts isn't as fine as he would have liked.

    Even a low powered lightning bolt is stil a lightning bolt.

    No one is killed, but there is collateral damage!

    What have I done? I need to save those people!

    Zeek is distracted by his need to fix the damage he has caused. And, in that moment, a corrupted comes up from behind him!

    Hello again world! Oh look, poor Zeek looks like he has messed up again!

    Meanwhile, back in SG City...

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