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SG Game - Home Express

DepresiveNeko on 21. Oct, 2018 — Lang: Slovenčina

SG Game - Home Express
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    now, when Jake dont have any extra-powers, i send him back, so will not be hurt

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Mad with power



    I am Observer, we are born to see many things. We practicaly see anything in this world.
    And i learn to feel and find energy, so some astral being is...

    You talk with someone?

    Im vilain, so monolog and self-talking is my special skills.

    That is sad.

    Nah, i think is funny.

    It sad, that you still called yourself vilain...

    ..when you was striped of you power like me.

    Oh, you mean this...

    Yes, now is time for revenge.

    You have some nerve to thread a lady, brat.

    I only lost a part of power.

    See ya in hell, brat.

    double click to write...

    I know, it was easer, but i only banish him, so now will be appear in his home dimension.

    You kill him?

    You kill him?


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