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SG Games Unlimited - Jake's Plan

richard_burkhart on 3. Oct, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Games Unlimited - Jake's Plan
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    This will be my last SG game for about a week. I will be off work, spending time with my family.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game - Chick-Chat



    Okay, that's enough looking for Jake. I need to get to the city and help Randal with that Godzilla thing.

    Wait! What's going on down there? Those creatures are attacking that cat lady!

    She is out numbered! I must to help her!


    You, silver hair! Why interrupt my hunt?

    I'm sorry, ma'am. It looked like you needed help. What are those things?

    They currupted sent by Void Emperor. I am trying to stop him.

    Who is this Void Emperor?

    He is crazy man. He wants to destroy all SG universes! You help stop him Silver hair?

    My name is Zeek. I need to help my friends first, but I will help stop this Void Emperor.

    Good, Zeek! I will find you later, after you help your friends.

    And, as Zeek flys off, Jake dropps his disguise.

    Ahhh, that went well. Far better for Zeek to fight this Void Emperor instead of me.

    If I fought him and lost, he would get the artifact. He is already powerful enough without that!

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