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SG Game - Chick-Chat

DepresiveNeko on 2. Oct, 2018 — Lang: Slovenčina

SG Game - Chick-Chat
  • This strip is a reply to SG Games Unlimited - Villains unite!



    good, will be nice to watch duel between you and that guy...

    ..and you!

    ... maybe...

    ...but that guy have enforcer abbility, you know, what i think.

    no, but for God of...

    Even God make mistake... sigh...

    That "Void Emperor" have Fore-sight abillity*.

    So he know abou or little chick-chat??*

    * i donk know, if i use righ words

    It never be big enough, we need found a way to blind, block or cancel that abbilyty.

    Ha, no. My Observer skill make mess with his foresighting but only in small scale.


    So why not use you abbility in bigger scale?

    With it, there will never be any opening for you atack.


    Where she take that goat? Nevermind, she weird one lady.

    Dont worry about technic detail.

    -nd you ... maybe

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  • NeoChomik 2.10.2018
    He probably won't bother with what those two are doing, so blurring his foresight is a fun thing that won't hurt
  • richard_burkhart 2.10.2018
    Nice! But I think with Jake being Loki, he will most likely try to get Zeke to do the fighting for him by some kind of trickery
  • MadameCercle 2.10.2018
    * * *

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