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SG Game Unlimited: the Villainous chat

NeoChomik on 28. Sep, 2018 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: the Villainous chat
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    If you think about it, what DID the Void Emperor do?

    This strip is a reply to SG Game - False and True




    hahahahaha... huh?

    that's odd...

    I was sure he attacked me ... what happened?

    An illusion? a glimpse into another reality?

    You chose my company, not the other way around.

    You are no fun

    You know, just because you killed Jesto, doesn't mean another Enforcer won't appear soon to stop this.

    You really think that stupid wish will stop Agents of Existence from interfering?

    Not permamently, but by the time they will be able to act, it will be too late

    On the contrary, because of Jesto's nature i had all the tools to delay Enforcer's rebirth

    Because of his Mortal side boredom and the amulet of his creation, I ensured that Enforcers can't stop me untill the very end.

    the best part is, that I barely had any involvment with how the events unfolded

    A litte nudge here and there and those Mortals played right into my plan better than i ever imagined.

    Is there something wrond with aplication theory in practical way?

    Hello World

    you said I will never know how to use Enforcers full power.

    I say, thanks to shortsight of humanity i won't even have the use for that knowledge

    All i have to do is wait for the SG multiverse to fall apart to a point, the Core will be exposed

    You can sit here with me and watch, or you can go and have a bit of fun before it all ends...

    you think you are so clever huh?

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