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SG Game Unlimited - The battle rages

richard_burkhart on 25. Sep, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Game Unlimited - The battle rages
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    Bulk find funny man.

    Find your friend with the gun Bulk. Tell him to blow up more trucks. We need fire!

    In the city...

    Looks like it works alright. I got the monster's attention!

    Oh boy! This is gonna hurt if I don't get help.

    If anyone has fire or holy weapons, now would be a good time to jump in!

    You beat my slaves, Zeek. But beating me won't be so easy!

    Oh no! I actually saw the artifact get dimmer that time! I need to get away and rethink my plans


    And now to see if this light works.

    Don't even try to hide behind your images, Jake. We don't have time for this!

    Whew! got out of there just in time! I only caught a little of that b;last.

    But the artifact seems to have been recharged a little from that attack, hmmm....

    I'll need to think about that, but I WILL be back.

    And with that, Jake fades away.

    Just wonderful! Jake got away. Well, I'd better find the others. I hope they have had better luck.

    Outside the city...

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