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SG Game Unlimited: A shakey Truce

NeoChomik on 22. Sep, 2018 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: A shakey Truce
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    I heard the hell's frozen and dogs and cats put their diffrences aside to watch pigs flying as the sky is falling.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Unlikely rescue!



    Wow, you must've screwed up big time, if you take a blame for it... What happened?

    We barely got into my dimension... We found out every piece of the Amulet is here... but before we could go back, this Neo Clone showed up and shot him before my eyes

    I shouldn't have bring him with me... I failed again...

    So you let Zero kill your counterpart in your own world... If he shot you, he could make both worlds a better place!

    I should have killed you myself, but I don't have time for pleasure....

    But enlighten me... WHY? Why did you try to bring him with you in the first place?! What was the point of all this!

    I... I wanted to show him... I wanted to show him what I was capable of. What HE was capable of....

    When our universes separated, he gave up, while i pushed forward.

    I wanted to help him become the best of himself!

    Just like HE did...

    Neo... you were born to do great things. Whether the World will accept you for it or not...

    For what it's worth... I'm sorry for what happened to Luci-boi... If I got there faster, I could've stop Durdan... Things could've gone diffrently...

    We could've the peace we all wanted

    But ... we should go... We need to make sure the world won't f*ck itself over...

    An hour later.
    Outside Hunters HQ

    That's... I knew things looked bad, but i didn't expect this to be this bad...

    Look at the sky over the city...

    What about it?

    It's not a natural storm... The Dimensional Rifts affect reality

    I know I ask for a lot, but how about temporary truce? A one last Neo and Rudevald adventure

    Stay out of my way and let's finish this...

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