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SG Games unlimited-Zeek vs Jake

richard_burkhart on 19. Sep, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Games unlimited-Zeek vs Jake
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    Had to get this going too and couldn't see how to combine it with the Randal strip in one page. Thanks Neo for giving me a way to beat these guys quickly. I figure Mjolnir counts as a Norse "holy" weaopn.

    This strip is a reply to SG Games Unlimited A battle begins




    Zeek is being attacked by two powerful foes at once!


    One wrong move could be his last!

    Does the artifact look a little duller? Nah, must be my imagination.

    And Jake watches from the sidelines.

    Power doesn't make you a hero, Jake. You're still just a bully!


    And with that, he calles a lightnig strike on one foe!


    And hurls Mjolnir at the other!

    Both with equally catastrophic effects.

    Two small piles of ashes are all that remain.

    Now, are you goiung to come quietly? Or will there be...

    Who's the hero now, Zeek?I have power too!

    It looks like your friends were allergic to my hammer, Jake.

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