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The Gift of the Magi

anonymous on 18. Sep, 2018 — Lang: English

The Gift of the Magi
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    The Gift of the Magi



    I hope he still thinks I'm pretty without my long hair. I can't wait to give him his chain.

    I can't wait to give her the combs she's wanted for months.

    Jim! I cut off my hair to get you this chain for your watch.

    Della, I sold my watch to get you these combs for your hair..

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    Summary: The story is about a couple an unwealthy couple trying to buy christmas presents for eachother. They each sell their most prized possessions to buy a gift for eachother. Della buys a chain for Jim's watch, and Jim buys combs for Della's hair. What they didn't know until the end was that Jim sold his watch and Della sold her hair, so their presents were useless now.

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