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SG Game Unlimited: A feat of strength

julian724 on 14. Sep, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Game Unlimited: A feat of strength
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  • MrTerrorKiller 1.12.2018
    This will stick in my mind
  • julian724 15.9.2018
    @neo I got other characters, also he was getting corrupted as he died UWU
  • NeoChomik 15.9.2018
    So i guess Julian wrote himself out of the SG Game... I'm gonna wait with how it will unfold
  • calm 15.9.2018
    Oh, Geez! That's not good!
    But, I guess he was a hero, huh?
    Can he be reincarnated perhaps?
  • julian724 15.9.2018
    @Calm He caught a falling building to save a bunch of people, but he was boosting his strength with his power, far above what his normal strength is, and he couldn't sustain it for long. He was pushing himself to survive and lift it up again, but got attacked by one of the dark monsters in the city, and freaked out, dropping the building crushing himself.
  • calm 15.9.2018
    Gulp! What on Earth just happened!?
  • MadameCercle 14.9.2018
    Cette planche est très réussie !
  • Pen_alias 14.9.2018
    Sad ending.
  • richard_burkhart 14.9.2018
    Great. Another damn big problem. Things are just going south pretty bloody damn quick. =)
  • julian724 14.9.2018
    Be careful, there's no telling what might crawl out from that wreckage
  • richard_burkhart 14.9.2018
    Damn! Now I have to do something!
  • richard_burkhart 14.9.2018

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