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Hen I Close My Eyes...

Pen_alias on 13. Sep, 2018 — Lang: English

Hen I Close My Eyes...
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    I had the strangest dream that I was back in high school.

    You’re a chicken; you never went to high school.

    They had remodeled then lockers, you see, and I couldn’t remember which one was mine.

    You never had a locker.

    I never bothered remembering my locker number because I was always able to find mine by its relationship to the hallway.

    You’ve never been in a hallway.

    But these lockers were narrower than the old ones so that didn’t help, so I asked this sort of stocky lady who was standing around if she’d help me.

    They’d never let you into a high school if you tried to go.

    So she had me follow her but we just kept walking down corridor after corridor, nowhere near where I’d logically hope to find my locker.

    Gallus gallus non grata

    And as we were walking, I suddenly got a glimpse of a mirror and realized…

    I wasn't wearing any clothing!

    Here we go again...

    chicken, nothing of importance
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