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SG Game - Correction

DepresiveNeko on 12. Sep, 2018 — Lang: Slovenčina

SG Game - Correction
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    sorry, but i added few small details in the story

    1. Hunters HQ is high tech building,so must have a efficient fire protection system

    2. Yes, May was still in here, so now is realy angry, sorry for that slap, Rude

    3. Evil is sly, so why fight, when there someone who will make that work for you for free???

    4. Birdie is now banished in offline world, so have fantatstic view on collapsing multiverse...

    5. still forgot thanks for fantastic library item you shared, so for past, now and future - thank you

    PS - Calm, you still have a chance for some mirror role in this game, because we still dont end it :P

    And Sorry for too much text

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Rudevald's day of GENIOUS 2, SG Games Unlimited A battle begins, SG Game Unlimited: Kathrine Durdan, a hero heart



    Stop here, you super - heroe - freak!!!

    Miss Georgete, we have a...

    How MANY times i told you dont toss people out of windows?

    Hunters HQ

    Dont tell me, you dont know what to doing, when automatic fire protection system failed?

    Fire Protection System

    Manual Control

    Push this...

    Look - watter...

    If we survive, i want to see you in Fire Exercise, understand?

    Yes, madam!

    SG City Inside

    That was to easy bro!!!



    dont throw a truck on me, baka!!!


    SG City - Outside

    Hm, that red horn guy have same alien artifact like me...

    And then i kill them both.

    What was that red bright light?

    And this dark vibrations around?

    *set of face emotion by Brezhoneg

    So i will wait and watch, That silver haired guy will weaken him a little.

    Why is offline-world white?

    I want to have Necrotelecomicon, i want... save... Neko..snif....

    Sis, you helped her, in tentaclian dictionary maybe is not word "Hope", but in her is...

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  • Brezhoneg 14.9.2018
  • calm 13.9.2018
    Sweet DepresiveNeko, there certainly is a lot going on here! It will take me a while to catch up with the story line. :-)
  • abrotons 12.9.2018
  • julian724 12.9.2018
    You know, cathrine's day to day isn't usually written about. DN tends to lean more toward comedy anyway :)
  • richard_burkhart 12.9.2018
    Just re-reading it because of Julian's comment...Exactly how many time HAS she told Catherine not to throw people out of windows? Was that an actual issue before?
  • julian724 12.9.2018
    She didn't THROW them, she used levitation to lower them safely! UwU
  • richard_burkhart 12.9.2018
    And yikes! The ancient one has noticed Zeek and the artifact!
  • richard_burkhart 12.9.2018
    They really don't make Godzilla's like they used to if when exploding truck can take one out. Oh well was probably just a cheap imitation
  • DepresiveNeko 12.9.2018
    realy? aww... so love in first sight? :P
    i think, that two dont know each other beffore
  • NeoChomik 12.9.2018
    If she punched him, that means she likes him right?
  • MadameCercle 12.9.2018
    Bonne planche.

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