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SG Games Unlimited A battle begins

richard_burkhart on 11. Sep, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Games Unlimited A battle begins
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    This one was fun. It takes a while to think of how to make even a couple of frames look cool.

    This strip is a reply to SG Games Umnlimited, Rude gets a beer



    With the power of Thor granted to him as a defender of the Generatrix

    Zeek flys towards his foe

    A one time school bully who has discovered power for himself.

    I'm glad you followed me Zeek. It took you long enough.

    This has gone on too long, Jake. Someone could get hurt!

    Oh someone is going to get hurt, Zeek. Meet two of my new friends, Surtur, and the Destroyer! They can't wait to say "Hi" to you!

    Okay, you're here to help. How can you help against Godzilla over there?

    Well I can tell you we believe he was created by someon from our dimension using an artifact he found.

    Can you describe this artifact?

    I can do better than that. This is what it looks like.

    Does he burst into flames like that often?

    That looks like a piece of the amulet! This is SERIOUS!

    With distressing regularity.

    Listen, you've got to find your friend with the hammer and warn him!

    Tell him he can't fight back against the amulet. It is charged by battle power!




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