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SG Game Unlimited: Rudevald's day of GENIOUS 2

NeoChomik on 9. Sep, 2018 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: Rudevald's day of GENIOUS 2
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    Electric boogaloo.
    I dont know why but I just can't make scenes with Neko's characters look good (ALthough techincally they aren't entirely hers... but i'm splitting hairs.)

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Rudevald's day of GENIOUS



    Ok Bulk! You smash that car on Big Monster's mug!


    Great and now Chef Rude's special ingredient!

    At Hunter's HQ...

    *Cough, Cough* what just happened...? Where is that clone?!

    Questions for later. I gotta get out of here before smoke gets to me... huh?


    I will So regret that.

    But just because i have grudge against your buddy, doesn't mean you have to die for him


    I remember that woman... i saw her when i broke into Hunter's base...

    She seems unconscious.

    I could let her burn here for all I care...

    And for the record... you totally owe me for saving your butt...

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  • MadameCercle 17.9.2018
    Gros travail.
  • calm 12.9.2018
  • julian724 11.9.2018
    oh no the hunters base is burning down. Time to bring in Cathrine.

    Also don't worry Neo, Most people besides you can't make your chars look good. Plus, I mean, most people just use the stock poses I make for my chars. We all have different art styles and trying to replicated them is hard.

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  • Brezhoneg 10.9.2018
  • richard_burkhart 10.9.2018
    Neo is getting pretty thoughtful there. If he's not careful he could wake up and find himself a changed man.

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