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SG Games Unlimited, Bringing heros together.

richard_burkhart on 5. Sep, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Games Unlimited, Bringing heros together.
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    Okay, the pieces are all up in the air now.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Side-tracked



    Huston, we have a problem...

    Big MONSTER!

    Bulk, WAIT!

    Crap! Randal scan the area. Let me know if there are any more surprises waiting.


    Suits scanners are picking up three contacts on a rooftop.

    One appears to be a level 5 pyrokenetic.

    My scanners can't detect the second one's power level. He must be magical.

    He's seen us by the way.

    The third one registers as power level two, but that must be wrong.

    He seems to think he can take on Godzilla with a sword and a beer.

    Forget about them for now, scan for residual Tsar energry. Jake passed through the rift. he should still radiate some.

    That worked. he is in the plain before the city. He's seen us too by the way.

    Fine by me. I'll take out Jake, you make contact with those others and see how we can help.

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