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SG Game Unlimited: Side-tracked

NeoChomik on 2. Sep, 2018 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: Side-tracked
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    How could they forget about all of this?

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: First blood!, SG Game - Blade and Magic



    Ok seriously now Luci-boi. I know you long enough to know you are not the type to help people who just tried to murder you. Whats's your reason?

    Try to humour me and use what's left of your brain. She is clearly not in cahoots with those Corrupted beings. She might help us with her powers if we help her.

    Oh really? And it's not because you find her cute, since she looks like Princes Nekohime from that hent- OOF!

    Ok, I get it. Asking you to think is borderline on abuse, I'm sorry... let's go help that Julian guy.

    Lucifer! Is everything alright?

    I will live. thanks for your concern

    Oh i don't care if you live or die, but we have actual problem on our hands

    What are you talking abo.... ooooh

    That little fella? bring me a beer
    and i will deal with it.

    This is not how it was supposed to go...

    You are smarter than to think things will ever go our way... But that's not important... What I want to tell you before I die... is this...

    Stick to your plan... Forget what that hooded figure said and follow your original plan

    I think i understand.... what you wanted to accomplish... If you play ... your cards right... We might... pull

    Of all the things you could say, these are your final words?... you didn't even ask me why i dragged you into all of this in the first place... I guess it just doesn't matter now, does it?

    Don't worry though. I don't know how it will end, but I will stop the Void Emperor. If only for your own sake.

    Right after I beat the sh*t out of your clone to make me feel better.

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