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SG Game Unlimited: Deus ex Machina

NeoChomik on 19. Aug, 2018 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: Deus ex Machina
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    What a drama queen am i right?

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: how Rude



    You must've noticed that the pieces calls upon one another. That's how you wanted to locate them all, didn't you? The remaining pieces have come to one universe. To rebuild the Amulet, all you have to do is return, where you started. The main SG Dimension!

    But you do not require the Amulet for your plan. The multiverse is in such chaos, that the Enforcer will return, breaking Emperor's Wish as it is aganst the Rules of Existence. And it won't be long either...

    Finally some good news. I'm sure Jesto will fix it all up before we get there.

    You are wrong...

    Come again?

    The Enforcer's return will not assure the safety of Multiverse. A New Enforcer will come and he might not share the love for your world, as Jesto did.

    If he decides the Rules of Existence have been broken beyond repair... he might decide to erase the Core itself

    Making him a powerful ally to the Void Emperor...

    Yes... The Enforcer's return is inevitable. His role in this game, unknown...

    So, what should we do then?

    I can't answer this question for you. I am but a pawn in the hands of forces beyond my comprehension.

    But know this. The end game is upon us all. The walls protecting the Core from The Void Emperor grow thinner and thinner.

    Once He exposes the Core, there will be no turning back...

    How fuckin' Typical. The whole Universe tries to screw me over, even when I try to save it from complete anihilation!

    I guess we are going back to my universe then...?

    We? You can return to your universe all you want. I'm staying in mine. If trying to be a hero and redeem myself gets me punished, why should i care about other universes?!

    H-Hey! W-wait up!

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