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Grey Lightning Episode 7- The Escape

DoctorWho on 11. Aug, 2018 — Lang: English

Grey Lightning Episode 7- The Escape
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    Almost 9 years ago, i made a simple four frame strip about a stick figure spy. By the third installment, it turned into a full page strip. I started giving him a backstory. By the 5th strip, it had been three years since the last episode. I wrote out a storyboard to help me finish the story.
    Through personal struggles and time mangagement crises, my return trips to the site kept getting further and furher apart. Now, there are so few of us left; I'm sure most people who used to look forward to the GL comic won't even care anymore, but I feel a personal commitment to finish at least what I had already planned out.

    Hopefully, I will have the time, energy, and motivation to publish the last two strips in the season soon.



    Motivation is Might
    Might is Power
    Power is Motivation

    I wouldn't be too sure of that...

    Goodbye, Grey Lightning.

    BILL NOW!!!

    What the--!!

    KILL HIM!!

    Motivation is Might
    Might is Power
    Power is Motivation

    Moments Later...

    Sir, we took care of the traitor, Bill.
    Grey Lightning, however, was much too skilled. He got away from us.

    I'm sorry, sir. He's gone.


    To Be Continued...

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