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Army of hell #1

anonymous on 11. Aug, 2018 — Lang: English

Army of hell #1
  • Description

    The devil prepares a super mega extra bad plan.The executioner is helping him in preparation. Will he be able to put his devil's plan into action?



    Józek, I do not see anything in this mask!

    Do not whine! Take the money!

    Take and leave me, please!

    Not so fast! Drop the weapon! Maybe I will not kill you!

    Who is this?

    Do not talk! Runa away!

    Where am I?

    In hell.

    I'll give you a chance! The chance of Revenge!
    You just have to promise that you'll be my executioner. When you kill ninje, you'll go around the world and kill the worst of the worst. Do you agree?

    I agree.

    to be continued

    army of hell, hell, army, ninja, devil, war, murder, devil plan, bad plan, #1, 1, executioner
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