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SG game unlimited reving it up!

richard_burkhart on 7. Aug, 2018 — Lang: English

SG game unlimited reving it up!
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    Now to tie it in to the rest of the story line.

    This strip is a reply to SG game unlimited in another realm



    What just happened Zeek?

    My power reacted to a catastrophic event. Our reality was under attack!

    What do you mean? I thought you let your power go to keep us safe in case your evil self manifested again.

    I didn't let the power go. I can't do that. I just let go of my absolute control of reality. It was too dangerous.

    Meanwhile, in the school hallway...

    I can sense the power coming from that fragment! I must have it!

    The creature sees me! I need to move now!

    Got it!

    Bow before me you dull beast!

    I have the power of a god!

    Lets see how amazing you are now, Zeek!

    Okay, I think things just got worse.

    Bulk SMASH!

    SG game unlimited in another rea
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