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SG Game Unlimited: A walk in the park

NeoChomik on 18. Jul, 2018 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: A walk in the park
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    While we wait to see where Zero lands, Let's check out on those two doofuses.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited - Mini Story



    So, feeling any better?

    Yeah... thanks. I needed that more than i thought

    Man... I haven't seen a place this peaceful in a while... not even a petty crime going on...

    Yes... but to bring this kind of peace we had to sacrifice a lot... all of us....

    what was that?

    Nothing. Get up, we have to keep moving...

    There's two of them, just like the Boss said... should we engage?

    Too many civilians on site. Keep following them. And inform other Red Robin agents in the area of their location. We planned this for years! We can't waste this chance to take down The Leader.

    *sigh* Roger that...

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  • richard_burkhart 19.7.2018
    Go get em Robins!
  • MadameCercle 19.7.2018
    * * *
  • julian724 19.7.2018
    owo! Well this is interesting. Good to see what you're doing with the red robins in a different timeline. I just got a new computer so I will be makin strips again soon.

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