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anonymous on 6. Jul, 2018 — Lang: English

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    So.. sticking with smpam, scam and phishing topic?

    Well, actually I realised that its too broad. Spam doesn't do much damage, except for being super annoying, and waisting tonns of paper via mail. But, I guess people have the right to persued others to use their service and to buy their goods as much as they want to.

    Scamming and phishing on the other side is the real deal. Their tricks can cost inocent people a lot of money.

    double click to write...

    double click to write...

    So.. I decided to stop on "scamming", because it is something both of us had some expirience with

    Oh, cool! You should write about that time when they wanted me to pay for a windows softwear even though I was a mac user, and I waisted their time on the phone, and they promissed that police going to be on our door step in 30 min

    Yeah, that was pretty cool. But I need someone a little more famous, so I could write about a bigger picture. I found this comedian James Veitch who scamms the scammers to waiste their time just like you did

    Oh, ok. Yes, he is pretty funny. A little obnoxious, I think.

    Yeah, but he does it very good. And while I was looking up stuff about him, I saw an article about a a big call center in India that got shot down because they were pretending to be IRS. Now I'm really interested to read more about other centers like that, to learn more about people behind this type of fraud

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