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SG Game Unlimited - Hunting season

DepresiveNeko on 30. Jun, 2018 — Lang: Slovenčina

SG Game Unlimited - Hunting season
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    i have great idea in mine head, but i have problem recreated it

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: The Golden Ticket



    If you take O from Neo name and take it on front, you have One... Zero One Zero One - 01 01 - binary code...

    What you think about tension between Mr. Zero and NeoChomik?

    *cough - cough*

    ... i must end, Big Bad Wolf arived *chichi*, take this, Boss and dr. Frank and dr. Stein tell you details.

    Nataly, are you...

    DA! Ready for akcion, Boss!!!

    We will talk about >Polution<

    This thing have many shapes, sizes and colors. Its ancient. Its something, that ignored law of nature, time and place.
    And we found a way to modified it.

    This is Trans-dimenzional energy searcher, we make some test on non-living things. But now...

    This is PN01, nano polution with speciffic energy sign.

    You count with Neo escape, Georgete?

    Lets say, that in some wattered Mountain Dew for Mr. Chomik has some extra spice, sir.

    Niet, that was coincedence, boss.




    We have signal, is weak, but is only mater of time beffore our target fully recharge his energy and then we send you affter him, boss. Be ready!

    You will appear in same dimension, but not exhatly near him, boss.

    Thats not problem, i will find him anywhere!

    Da, you have a micro-energy searcher, so will not be problem lokalized Neo, boss...


    ...and dont break it, is realy expensive.

    T D machine ready

    T D signal strong

    Sycnchronization OK

    Energy lvl stable

    hunters, ssgu
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