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SG Game Unlimited: The Golden Ticket

NeoChomik on 27. Jun, 2018 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: The Golden Ticket
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    I'm not sure that was Neko's idea, but i find the setup the most fitting.

    If you don't know the contraption, it was the old trans-dimensional machine Neo was working on.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited - First Ace



    Did I hear you right? you want me to hunt Neo ... Elsewhere?

    Affirmative. As I said, Nat found a way we can track him down, even in another dimension

    Georgette... what am I looking at?

    That is your ticket after Neo sir...

    We recovered it from his hideout after you captured him. We are still working on making it work, but we believe it will allow you to enter another dimension after that bastard...

    Does HQ know about any of it?

    They know about the machine, but they don't have to know you used it to get Chomik...

    Do you know what it means if HQ finds out about this plan of yours? we will all be labeled Rogues. they will kill us on the spot...

    you are right, sir. IF they find out...

    They say you can't kill Neo, because you are not fit for it as a Hunter. But everyone working under you knows better....

    You can live your entire life under his shadow, or prove those to those who doubt you, that you are in every way better than him.

    That you are not only his clone, you are Zero, the Perfect Hunter Agent.

    ... I'm listening...

    Don't listen, follow!

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